According to Meng, the events attracted nearly 2,000 tourists from Northeast China's

Heilongjiang Province and surrounding areas, and nearly 20,000 people watched the live broadcast of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival.

The Morin Dawa Daur Autonomous Banner has 38 intangible cultural heritage projects, of which four are national intangible cultural heritage projects. 

Meng said that traditional culture is an important part of the activities. People can experience the charm of traditional culture at the event, and become more aware of cultural protection and inheritance. Besides, the various activities are also an effective display of traditional culture. The inheritors of traditional culture can better understand people's needs, broaden their thinking and innovate methods of cultural inheritance.

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Ancient ancestors


The Daur people are a minority group in China, with only 132,299 members, according to the census carried out in 2021. The DNA analyses have proven that the Daurs are descendants of the ancient Khitan people, a historical a nomadic people originating in eastern Inner Mongolia.